Rediscovering the simple joy of cooking and culture

La Luna cooking classes are taught by Bridgestone Award winning chef, Miriam Flores. Chef Flores is a Le Courdon Bleu certified chef with over ten years in the restaurant industry and has taught cooking classes in Ireland, Mexico and the United States.

The class begins with a hands-on experience in the neighboring bakery creating everything from Mexican wedding cakes, baguettes, and flatbreads. Students are encouraged to not only make bread, but to get involved with the process. This includes hand rolling dough, tossing flour, and adding a personal touch to their creations. The bread is then put into the oven, to be enjoyed later on in the class.

After the baking experience, students are brought back to the Half Moon kitchen for a cooking demonstration by Chef Flores. As she prepares delectable dishes, she shares some of her intimate knowledge of food. She also shares a vast array of experiences ranging from her childhood in the small village in Mexico where she comes from, to being a personal chef for wealthy businessmen and working as a sous chef in fine dining restaurants.

Students are not simply watching chef Flores prepare dishes, they are tasting, smelling, and seeing these dishes come to life. Chef Flores encourages students to share their own experiences with food, ask questions, and even volunteer to help out. And of course, no good meal or conversation is complete without a glass of wine, which is included in the ticket price.

Chef Flores’ passion for food is electric. All the senses are engaged by this demonstration, and students will rediscover the simple wonders of cooking.

Cooking class line-up:

1st Week of every month
Classic Mexican Cuisine
Bolillo Bread Roll
Tuna Ceviche
Red Snapper Wrapped in Banana Leaves
Birria Beef Stew
Vanilla Bean-Orange Flan
2nd Week of every month
Chiles of Mexico
Mexican Concha Bread
Green tomatillo salsa with Jalapeno
Tortilla Soup with Huajillo Chilies
Chile Relleno with Poblano Chilies
Dark mole with duck confit
Spiced Hot Chocolate
3rd Week of every month
(New) Fiesta Dishes
Empanada pastry
Salsa Verde
Cochinita Pibil (Braised pork shank)
Chicken Pipián (pumpkin sauce)
Mexican rice
Churros with Cinnamon and sugar
4th Week of every month
Best of Puerto Vallarta
Bolillo mexican bread
Red Tomato Molcajete salsa
Grandma’s tortilla soup
Coconut shrimp with mango dipping sauce
Carne Asada with cactus leaves
Hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Cooking Class Options

6-Course Cooking Demonstration Class
Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-6pm
Your ticket includes a 6-course meal with appetizer, main course, dessert, Margarita cocktail demonstration, wine pairing, a bread-making experience, and a recipe booklet.

Cost: $85 USD
Click here to buy tickets for the 6-course demonstration class:

Hands-On Cooking Class
Thursdays 3pm-6pm
Your ticket includes a 6-7 course menu, cooking station and tools, baking experience, wine pairing, margarita cocktail demonstration, and a recipe booklet
Cost: $110 USD
Click here to buy tickets for the Hands-on Cooking Class

Some Reviews:
“I have taken cooking classes all over the world and this one ranks right at the top. I was so impressed with the quality and freshness of the food and the knowledge of Chef Miriam.”
“Not only was the food prepared excellent but the presentation by the chef, Miriam, comprehensive and educational. The tips about preparation were taught with expertise and patience. It was one of the best cooking classes that I have ever attended. I highly recommend it.”
“Cordon Bleu trained but, true to her roots, Chef Miriam passes on her knowledge of local cuisine and turns out dishes with her own stamp on them that are truly scrumptious. …Everyone at La Luna was terrific. I’d be back in a heartbeat except I have to go back home…Next time!”
“La Luna isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience you can take home with you! Be sure to go, you’ll enjoy!”


Call for reservations: 322-223-5612 or 322-194-7142

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