The Chef

With over ten years of professional cooking experience and an intimate knowledge of Mexican ingredients, Miriam Flores is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most up and coming Chefs.

Hailing from a small village not too far from Vallarta, Miram Flores was taught by her Grandmother at an early age to have a relationship with the food she eats. It was her Grandmother who inspired her to become a Chef.

Chef Flores was trained at Portland Oregon’s Le Courdon Bleu program where she graduated with honors. From there she worked in some of Portland’s best restaurants including Andina and Blue Hour. From Portland, she set out to travel Europe and spent time in Scotland and Ireland. The latter was where she was given the Bridgestone Award for her signature line of sauces. Her cooking style could be described as Traditional Mexican cuisine with a gourmet touch.

Cooking Classes

La Luna Cooking Classes are for foodies of all walks of life and every skill level. In the demonstration class, students observe as Chef Flores prepares six different dishes and enjoy trying each one. In the “hands on” class, students prepare dishes from the menu at their own station under the guidance of the Chef. Each class includes a bread making experience at the neighborhood bakery located two doors down from La Luna as well as wine and a recipe booklet.

The kitchen at La Luna was designed specifically for cooking classes. Students will feel at ease in the authentic Mexican courtyard and delighted with the friendly service by the staff.

Cooking Classes at La Luna are not only a culinary experience, but a cultural experience as well. Chef Flores believes food should be celebrated and she is passionate in passing that belief on to her students.

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Each dish on La Luna’s dinner menu is composed of the best ingredients that Vallarta has to offer. Meat, fish and vegetable are purchased daily to insure freshness and quality for diners who know the difference. At La Luna, dishes are carefully selected and prepared with great thought and in consideration of all flavors.